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Putting the Family’s Money in Order

Money problems may be causing stress for your family. The person with a gambling problem is responsible for helping to solve these difficulties. But if the person is willing, it is best to work on the problem together. For example, access to money or credit is often a trigger for gambling. You can help by limiting the amount of money he or she can get.

If the person is working on change, you can work together to:

  • Make a family budget
  • Carefully and openly track all family spending
  • Share all financial records and receipts with one another
  • Agree how much cash or credit the person should have, so he or she is not tempted to gamble

Here are some more suggestions for dealing with money:

  • Think carefully about your own finances before you take on the person’s debts.
  • If you are lending money to pay bills, don’t give it directly to the person. This can tempt the person to slip back into gambling. Instead, pay the bills yourself.
  • Offer to go with the person to problem gambling and credit counselling.
  • Set up a realistic family budget so the person doesn’t feel the need to gamble to solve money problems.
  • Get expert advice from a credit counsellor, bank manager or lawyer before covering bad cheques, or co-signing loans or other financial papers.
  • Have a responsible and trusted person manage the person’s money in the short term.
  • Plan together how to limit the person’s access to money, until his or her gambling is under control. Even if the person who gambles will not co-operate, you still have the right to protect your family’s money.
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