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How can counselling help me?

When a member of your family has a gambling problem, it can be hard to find hope for the future. Counselling can help you see that things can change. It can also help you see your family’s strengths and the positive steps you may already be taking.

Counselling is a learning process. With new information, you can make good decisions. Counsellors can help you solve your main problems. This may include fixing your financial situation, healing family relations and restoring trust between you and your partner. Counselling can also:

  • Help you understand the things that seem out of control
  • Help you decide what actions to take
  • Give practical information about dealing with money problems
  • Link you to credit counselling, legal services and other resources
  • Help you understand and reduce the triggers for your family member’s gambling
  • Get information about services in your community
  • Help you manage stress, anxiety and depression
  • Help you see that you are not alone
How Can Counselling Help the Person Who Gambles?

Counselling cannot make the person with gambling problems change. Only he or she can do that.

At first, many people do not want to stop or change their gambling. Instead, they may go to counselling to get help with money or family problems. Through counselling, they learn that their gambling is a problem.

The counsellor will give information, advice and support. This will help the person see that gambling causes harm, and decide what to do about it. The counsellor will probably encourage the person to take a break from gambling, so he or she can get gambling under control and see what harm it is causing.

Counselling can help your family member:

  • Find healthy alternatives to gambling
  • Identify his or her gambling triggers
  • Identify false beliefs that may cause problems
  • Find ways to cope with the urge to gamble

Counselling works best when the whole family pulls together and supports each other. This is why help is available to all members of the family.

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