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Getting Your Life Back in Balance

When you focus only on gambling problems, your family life gets out of balance. Returning to normal family routines is an important part of healing. Here are some ideas for the whole family to consider.

Restore healthy routines:

  • Eat regular, balanced meals, even if you are not hungry
  • Make mealtime a family time
  • Exercise regularly
  • Go to bed and get up at regular times
  • Get a medical checkup, and tell your doctor about your family member’s gambling
  • Make a weekly date to have fun, and keep it

Get support so you can feel good about yourself:

  • Share your worries with trusted friends and family. Ask for support, not advice
  • Make a list of people you care about. Call a friend and go out
  • Try our Self-Help Guide for Family and Friends . It is free, confidential and anonymous
  • See a Counseller to help you cope and to gain confidence
  • Find a self-help group. It will allow you to get support and to support others
  • Get involved in your community, for example by volunteering

Manage stress positively:

  • Avoid alcohol and other drugs—they will make problems worse
  • Allow yourself to take a break from worrying
  • Learn to recognize your moods, and to tell people what you need from them
  • Learn ways to reduce stress, for example yoga or meditation
  • Take care of your religious or spiritual needs
  • Create a list of things you like to do. Do at least one of the items a week
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