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Program Overview

The Problem Gambling and Technology Use Treatment Service offers specialized services for individuals whose gambling or technology use (Internet, computer, gaming, social media, and smart phone) is problematic and has led to difficulties in other parts of their lives including: relationships with family or friends, school achievement, finances, and work.

The service offers treatment to both individuals and their family’s specific to gambling or technology use. Treatment is primarily group-based as this is the most effective treatment for individuals recovering from a gambling problem or a technology misuse problem. The client and therapist collaboratively decide the best course of treatment. If group treatment is not the best approach, other options may be discussed. As required, consultation by a psychiatrist and/or referrals to other services at CAMH or outside CAMH may also be available or recommended.

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Service in the clinic begins with an individual assessment where a clinician will get to know the individual’s specific problems around gambling or technology use and how they impact the individual and his/her family. These may include co-occurring mental health or addiction issues or other psycho-social needs.

Treatment Groups Include:

For Adults with Gambling or Technology Use Concerns: Adults move through 3 phases of group treatment—Preparation Group (up to 8 weeks), Skills for Change Group (8 weeks), and Moving Forward Group (up to 6 months).

For Family Members of Adults with Gambling Concerns: A 4-session support and skills group is available 4 times per year.

For Youth with Technology Use Concerns: Youth, ages 16-25, move through 2 phases of group treatment – First Contact (4-8 sessions), and Youth Skills (8 sessions).

For Parents of Youth with Technology Use Concerns: An 8-session skills and support group runs 3 times per year, concurrently with the Youth Skills Group.

Mindfulness Group: An 8-week mindfulness group is available to all clients in this clinic 3 times per year. This group focuses on cultivating a different relationship to challenges and the world at large.

Youth Family and Interactive Technology Brochure (PDF)

Problem Gambling and Technology Treatment Groups (PDF)

How it works

Self-referral accepted through Access CAMH, call 416-535-8501 press 2.


Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM
Some Evening Groups, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, until 8 PM

Problem Gambling & Technology Use Treatment Service

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
60 White Squirrel Way, 3rd Floor
Toronto, Ontario M6J 1H4

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